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When Windows Can't Find the Drivers

I have spent hours trying to get Windows-based computers to find the correct drivers. So many devicss, from cameras to USB storage devices, rely on Windows-included drivers to function properly. I can't count the number of times Windows has been unable to find it's own drivers. Well, I have the solution.

1. When this window pops up, select "Not at this time."

2. When this window pops up, select "Install from a list or specific location."

3. When this windows pops up, check the box for "Include this location in the search." Also, enter the location as c:\WINDOWS\system32\inf. For some people, WINDOWS may be WINNT. This directory is where all of windows Plug and Play drivers are found.

If Windows has the drivers for your new device, it should be found here, otherwise consult the manufacturer of your new device for its specific drivers. Almost always, these drivers can be found on the company website.
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